Lucas offers genuine advantages – this is how we differentiate from others operating within this industry. Wholesalers, specialists, workshops and car owners all benefit from these:

  • The widest product range
    Our product range is one of the widest on the European aftermarket. We cover everything from fast-selling products to special items for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, marine, agricultural and industrial use.
  • Availability and delivery across the range
    We have specialised our production to ensure a constant high level of order implementation. All orders are planned and produced individually, so that you do not have to wait for the “right production series”. In collaboration with our customers, we tailor logistic solutions that suit the market's needs for warehousing, frequency and returning systems.
  • Quality tested to OE standard
    Products you buy from Elstock are all individually tested according to OE standards – as a minimum - and our production processes are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. 
  • Advantages for the environment
    Buying a remanufactured product instead of a new one reduces energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases. A remanufactured product also reduces the amount of scrapped iron in landfill sites. Since we do not compromise on quality or performance, it is both good business and in line with the highest standards of responsible business practice.
  • Unique product information
    As one of Elstock's business partners you have access to both our online catalogue and our specialists, who can give you and your customers the best possible service and training. EDI customers will also find us on TecDoc and TecCom.