# Fitted in addition
2P 2-polet / 2-pole/insolated ground
5M 5 gear manual
6M 6 gear manual
AC Air condition
AT Automatic transmission
BO Bosch
BS Batteri sensor
CC Cold climate
HI Hitachi
LH Left hand mounted
LHD Left hand driven
M6 B+ 6 mm B+ terminal
M8 B+ 8 mm B+ terminal
Plug B+ Spade terminals/multiplug B+
PS Power steering
PTC Vehicles with PTC heating
RH Right hand mounted
RHD Right hand driven
VA Valeo
W RPM connection
~ Liquid cooled alternator
¤ Alternator with vacuum pump (Could also be available without)
AFL Advanced front lighting system
CP With clutch pulley
EUR 5+ Euro 5+ norm
RB Vehicles with regenerative braking
SH Vehicles with seat heating
WOP Without pulley
6AT 6 Speed automatic transmission
AWD All wheel drive
ST Stars Combi St./Alt.
WO S/S Vehicles without start/stop function
WOT Vehicles without Tiptronic
WT Vehicles with Tiptronic
S/S Vehicles with start/stop function
5AT 5 speed automatic transmission
6DC 6 Speed double clutch  
7DC 7 Speed double clutch