# Fitted in addition
(G/R) Can be G/R or conventional
1.4 KW 1.4 KW performance
11 T 11 teeth pinion
2P 2 polet / 2-pole/insolated ground
5M 5 gear manual
6M 6 gear manual
AC Air condition
Anti CW Anti clockwise rotation
AT Automatic transmission
BO Bosch
CC Cold climate
CW Clock wise rotation
G/R Gear reduction
HI Hitachi
LHD Left hand driven
PS Power steering
PTC Wehicles with PTC heating
RH Right hand mounted
VA Valeo
10T 10 Teeth
2 WD 2 Wheel drive
30H M5 Terminal 30H M5
6MS 6 Gear manuel sequential
7AT 7 Speed automatic transmission
GS Gearbox Standard
M38 Gearbox M38
MT Manual transmission
CVT Continuously variable transmission
4AT 4 speed automatic transmission
6AT 6 Speed automatic transmission
AWD All wheel drive
ST Stars Combi St./Alt.
WO S/S Vehicles without start/stop function
WOT Vehicles without Tiptronic
WT Vehicles with Tiptronic
S/S Vehicles with start/stop function
5AT 5 speed automatic transmission
6DC 6 Speed double clutch  
7DC 7 Speed double clutch