Manufacturer Position Original no.
AVF A IM18-4/24/IM330
Bosch A/B 0001362001
Ducellier B 6261A/534048
Elmot B R11 12V 4KM
Femsa B MEA13-1
Hitachi C S114-315
Iskra A/D AZE1515
Lucas B 25249
Marelli D/E 63217118
Magneton-Pal B 443115144722
Mitsuba B S302-04
Mitsubishi C/D M3T33582/MEA04-1
Nikko A 0-21000-3391
Nippon Denso A 128000-1440
Paris Rhone B D9R84
Valeo B/C/D D9E64

If possible, check the OE-reference on the old unit.

This will ensure the supply of the correct unit.