The alternator’s main function is to generate electricity to recharge the battery, providing the power needed for electrical components such as instrument panel, cooling fans, radio and lights both in- and outside the vehicle.

Our range of remanufactured alternators covers several markets - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to agricultural, marine, and construction vehicles. With a car park coverage on 93%, we comply with almost any request from Europe's specialist market.

Plug and Play

The delivered alternator is complete and ready to be mounted. In case of special attention when installing the item, information is to be found attached to the supplied alternator.

Test and Quality
All alternators are tested, inspected, and delivered with an individual test report. Both spare parts and the final product are tested. Parts are remanufactured based on specification and instruction created at the development stage. All specified parameters are checked against defined limits, and only parts which pass all test lines can be re-used. If a part does not pass the test it is either repaired or exchanged with a new part.


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